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Spinzipz Led Fidget Spinners – Ultra Bright – Ceramic Bearings – Linkable – Item #6233

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Spinzipz are the light up fidget spinners that will challenge your creativity, precision, and hand eye coordination. The built in LEDs take let Spinzips take the fidget spinner craze to a whole new dimension by creating a dazzling, out of this world light show.  

  • You will receive 120 total Spinzipz. Each retail package contains 1 Spinzipz. There are 4 displays with 30 Spinzipz in each display.
  • Stack two together and spin to create more dramatic effects.  
  • Built-in batteries power the LEDs for a long time.  
  • Available in blue, red, and green 
  • Spinzipz is made from high grade materials, Ultra Bright Motion Sensor Double LED lights and Ceramic Bearings make these stand out from the other.
  • Spinzipz is excellent calming devices for general users. This spinner is designed to be used in hand or on a tabletop. It can be used anywhere to eliminate fidgeting. It is designed for everyday use
  • Spinzipzs are combinable – Unique pin system allows Spinzipzs to be linked together
  • Recommended for ages 4 and up 

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